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Privacy Policy

At Aan24, we completely understand and respect your privacy. For this, we even use practical methods to ensure that all your personal data completely stays safe and is handled following all the data privacy regulations.


Below is mentioned our privacy policy which mainly explains what kind of data and information we collect through our website and after collecting the data, how do we use it following all the respectable guidelines.


  1. What information do we collect?


We only collect your personal data after you have given your consent for it. The main objective of collecting your information is to help us provide you with better services and products from our end. 


The example of such personal data to be collected from your end can include 


  • Your e-mail id
  • Postcode
  • Billing information


We can collect this kind of information if you access/use our newsletter, contact-page or subscribe to one of our services.


  1. Information collected automatically


When you visit our website, we automatically collect information from your device using cookies. This kind of data can include information like your IP Address, device type, what kind of web browser you are using, webpages/websites visited before. 


  1. Information collected from other sources


We may also collect your data via third-party apps and sources. This type of information can be associated with our partners and advertisers. 


  1. How do we use the information that we collect from you?


The information/data that we collect from you can be used for a variety of purposes from our end. These points can be anything like


  1. Improving our website


The data that we collect from you is used for analytics and understand our user’s preferences. This allows us the scope to ensure optimum website performance and work on new features and also develop new products. 


  1. Enhance overall operations and communication


We use the information in enhancing the overall user experience and features of this website so that we are able to better deal with our users and offer them top-notch digital services. 


We may also use the information provided by you to contact the users of the website for administrative purposes and also provide the users with the important updates as and when they are deployed.


  1. How long do we hold your data and how we protect it? 


At Aan24 we only hold your information for as long as it is deemed fit by us. However, be assured that your information is completely secure with us. We use the data for analysis purposes that are only used to enhance the user experience and improving the overall website functionality in the end. And we never sell your personal information.


  1. Compliance with law


However, we may have to disclose some of your personal data as and when required by the government authorities. And we have the right to disclose such data in order to protect ourselves and take precautions against any kind of liability and also from protecting ourselves from fraudulent and unlawful activities.


  1. What right you (User) have amid all this?


As a user who is visiting our website to avail our services, you certain rights as well which include: 


Request a copy of information we have of you

Request us to correct or delete or stop using your information as per your discretion


  1. Linking to other websites


This website may have links associated with other websites that can be at times outside our control and which are also not covered under this privacy policy. Thus, in case, you access another third party website, the operators of these sites may collect your information according to their respective policies. In such a case, it is highly advised to read and go through their privacy policy as well to chalk out everything important and so that your privacy isn’t compromised in any manner. 


  1. Use of Images


We generally use free images from third-party websites to make your product look more professionally pleasing. However, if in case, you may have any kind of problem i.e. related to the use of images by our team/organization, then, it is required to first inform us through a credible means of communicating channel which can include but may not be limited to:


  1. Profesional e-mail
  2. Informing us through any of our social media handles


  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy Page


It is strongly advised that you revisit this page after regular intervals of time so that you are in the know of any kind of changes or updates that may happen with our way of working or introduction of any new policy. 


However, if the changes are related to something major, then, in that case, we will also communicate that to various means of channels as per our discretion that can range but not limited to 


Press Releases 

Social Media Handles

Public Announcements on the website itself